AltaLink Joss MPC WAGF


Project Name |  AltaLink Joss MPC WAGF

Owner | AltaLink

Client’s Name | AltaLink

Location | Jenner, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | September 2021 - December 2022

Market Sector | Utilities

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

The project scope includes the engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the following:

  • Expansion of the existing substation (site development)
  • Extension of the existing 240 kV bus with a partial diameter
  • New A-Frame
  • Add one new 240 kV circuit breaker
  • The project is considered a brownfield

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

The scope of work consists of the following:

  • Site expansion
  • Screw pile foundations
  • Placement and assembly of breakers, switches and associated equipment
  • Grounding work, including grounding of offloading equipment
  • Hydrovac Daylighting trenches for control cables
  • Arranging site security to avoid theft, intrusions, vandalism, etc.
  • Procuring temporary site facilities
  • Project consisted of 1 outage to connect the new 240kv bus to the existing 240kv bus. During this outage the line drops from the new transmission line were completed by Iconic


Project completed in 2022.