ENEL Riverview Substation

Riverview Windfarm Substation

Riverview Windfarm Substation


Project Name |  Riverview Windfarm Substation

Owner |

Client’s Name | ENEL

Location | Pincher Creek, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | July 2019 to November 2019. Completed on time and on budget.

Market Sector | Renewable Energy, Wind

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

As part of Alberta’s Renewable Energy Program, Enel Green Power North America Inc. built two projects just outside of Pincher Creek, Alberta: a 115 MW wind farm and a 31MW wind farm.

ICONIC was contracted to design, procure, construct, and commission the River¬view Substation and the CRII expansion projects. It was a multifaceted project that provided ICONIC’s team the ability to shine. As one would expect at a site selected for wind power, frequent gusts required a professional construction and power team that could be counted on to safely execute this project in challenging conditions.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

The work involved concurrent work by multiple teams on the two project sites. ICONIC’s construction and electrical crews worked in close collaboration to allow for smooth hand-offs, made possible by our high standards of quality control.


This project component involved the addition of one feeder and protections to existing SWGR. The scope of work included:

  • Installation and Commissioning of Metering and GRT tanks
  • Installation of below grade cables and conduits
  • 35KV Power Cable installation, termination and PD testing
  • Terminations consisted of 3m and Elastimold kits
  • Installation of revenue metering PT’s
  • Installation and Commissioning of new Scada and RTAC systems
  • Installation and Commissioning of new revenue meters on existing feeders
  • Client Energization support

B. Riverview Greenfield Facility

This new 240 Kv facility would be tapping off the AltaLink Castle Rock Ridge facility. The scope of work involved:

  • Station pad construction
  • Installation and testing of station ground grid
  • Foundation installation
  • Installation of GRT Tank’s
  • Installation and Commissioning of new 240KV switches and CT’s
  • Installation of 35KV bus work
  • Installation of transformer containment
  • Installation of below grade cables and conduits
  • Assist transformer OEM with assembly activities
  • Installation and Commissioning of 35KV cap bank
  • 35KV power cable installation. Termination and PD testing
  • Terminations consisted of 3M, Elastimold and Pfis¬ter kits
  • Installation and Commissioning of SCADA systems
  • Commissioning of station protections including but not limited to feeder breaker controls


Both project components proceeded according to plan and schedule. Through ongoing communication and collaboration, ICONIC gave the client complete confidence that their project was being professionally managed and built to design. Project management best practices ensured our multiple teams, suppliers and contractors were working in unison.

Today, these facilities are playing a central role in helping Alberta businesses to meet the growing public demand for green generated energy. Construction was completed on-schedule, on-budget and with no safety incidents to report.

Chestermere Substation Construction

Chestermere Substation Construction


Project Name |  Chestermere Substation Construction

Owner | AltaLink

Client’s Name | AltaLink

Location | Chestermere Lake, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | October 2017 to September 2018, completed on time and on budget. The project took a total of 10 months to complete, as there was a project lull over the winter months.

Market Sector | Utilities

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

This was a full EPC greenfield substation project located on the south side of Chestermere Lake. The goal was to bolster the reliability of the Fortis 25 KV distribution system in the greater Chestermere area. It was ICONIC’s first EPC turnkey project.

Because our work was going on at the same time as adjacent land and road development projects, coordinating site boundaries with the town of Chestermere was a challenge. The area adjacent to the project site was deemed a wetland. Extensive premobilization documentation and permitting was required to ensure the project started on schedule.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

This scope of work included all the engineering, the civil pad development and installation of three 138 kV breakers and two 138/25 kV transformers along with a couple ABB Modular substation on skids.

  • Engineering drawings and submissions
  • Procurement of materials
  • Pad construction
  • 138 KV transmission line tie-in
  • Installation of telecom tower
  • RAS system for the 138 KV interconnection
  • Alterations to remoted ends for the 138 KV power line
  • Installation of the AMI for Fortis


As ICONIC’s first foray into EPC, this project opened our eyes to the need for disciplined processes and strategies to manage essential project details. It led us to create a dedicated internal procurement team, and to devise step-by-step processes for reviewing and vetting engineering submittals prior to client submission. While standard procedure today, this was new to us at the time.

We are pleased to report our first EPC project was a success. Our team demonstrated the advantage of being able to draw on our extensive crew to meet ISD dates, and the importance of strong contractor relationships. Today, EPC work is second-nature to us.