Overhead Distribution Construction, Burdett and Yellow Lake

Overhead Distribution Construction, Burdett and Yellow Lake


Project Name |  Overhead Distribution Construction, Burdett and Yellow Lake

Owner | BluEarth

Client’s Name | PCL (acting GC)

Location | Burdett and Yellow Lake, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | Completed March 2021, on-time and on-budget

Market Sector | Renewable Energy, Solar

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

The Burdett and Yellow Lake, Solar Farm project is located in a remote area in southern Alberta. Connecting the solar farms to the Fortis electrical network required extensive strategic planning across a multi-staged timeline. ICONIC was responsible for procurement and installation of distribution lines, and for ensuring safe connection to the electrical network. The solar farm had many different contractors working at the same time, requiring efficient site coordination.

This project required ICONIC’s line crew to work near and tie into energized high voltage lines and energize the new distribution lines. This is difficult work in the best of conditions. However, extremely cold weather and strong winds made it especially challenging. ICONIC had to direct our crews to halt work for several days to ensure the safety and well-being of all on-site personnel.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

ICONIC’s meticulous coordination of all materials, procurement, workforce, and equipment staging resulted in an efficient, streamlined build. This project consisted of:

  • 15 overhead structures
  • 7 total switch structures
  • 6 laterals with extensive framing
  • Conductor installation
  • Interconnection to Fortis infrastructure
  • Line energizing

An ICONIC quality control team member was on-site full-time to inspect and test all installations and provide detailed testing and quality assurance of the installations.

ICONIC’s integrated team of Distribution, substations, and Earthworks specialists collaborated to efficiently deliver the multiple scopes of work. ICONIC’s project management, quality control, safety, and procurement processes were all instrumental to our success.


The Burdett and Yellow Lake Solar Farm project was completed on time and budget – built to the client’s specifications, without any incidents or near misses. A successful review of the bill of materials and drawings allowed for the procurement of a vast array of trained human resources, tools, materials, and equipment critical to complete the complex overhead installations.

As the project progressed, ICONIC quickly communicated any design or material issues to the client and their engineering consultants through documented change control and RFI process. ICONIC also provided the client with comprehensive Electronic Daily Field reports. This project is indicative of the level experience, expertise, and professionalism that ICONIC brings to all renewable energy projects.