Montana First Nation Solar Photovoltaic Facility

Solar Photovoltaic Facility

Solar Photovoltaic Facility


Project Name |  Solar Photovoltaic Facility

Owner | Montana First Nation

Client’s Name | ATCO Electric

Location | Montana First Nation - south of Edmonton, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | Completed October 2020, on time and on budget

Market Sector | Renewable Energy, Solar

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

ICONIC was proud to be involved in the construction of one of the largest on-reserve solar farms – a 12,000 panel project on the Montana First Nation, one-hour south of Edmonton.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

ICONIC’s power distribution team was engaged to connect the solar farm to the grid. Connections were made to an existing Fortis overhead 25 kV system. Export of power was monitored via a padmount metering system. Control and communication of power was managed via SEL751A. SEL 2730U, SEL 2440 and SG-4260 relays. The only auxiliary power requirements for the project were in the E-house.

ICONIC’s civil activities were confined to trenching and backfill of all facilities related to the collector station. ICONIC supplied basic consumables for the project, along with sand and gravels for cable and precast vault placement.

The scope of work included:

  • Installation of two runs of 3x#1AL U/G cable and routing to the switch cubicle
  • Constructing two concrete vaults for the 25 kV switch cubicle and the padmount station service transformer
  • Copper ground grid around each concrete vault
  • 4-way 25 kV VFI equipped switch cubicle on concrete vault #1
  • Dress cables with 3M termination kits and terminate 6x#1 AL U/G cable from solar farm transformers to VFI bays 1 and 2
  • Terminate single phase cable to bay 3 of switch cubicle
  • Install 75 kVA 14.4 kV – 120/240 V single phase station service transformer on concrete vault 2
  • Terminate cabling from switch cubicle to primary of station service transformer
  • Install pre-commissioned 4.29 m x 5.5 m control building and ground grid
  • Engage with Fortis to terminate 25 kV cables from Fortis to Bay 1 of switch cubicle


The solar farm is now operational, is being hailed for the opportunities it will provide to the Montana First Nation, and is projected to generate annual revenues of $800,000. Revenue will be invested back into infrastructure on the First Nation’s territory, including the creation of a potential solar farm expansion. The Montana Nation is sharing its knowledge and experience with other first nations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.