Windcharger Battery Energy Storage Project

Windcharger Battery Energy Storage Project


Project Name |  Windcharger Battery Energy Storage Project

Owner |

Client’s Name | TransAlta

Location | Summerview, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | March 2020 to August 2020

Market Sector | Renewable Power, Battery Energy Storage

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

ICONIC was the electric contractor for this project, which utilized TESLA battery technology and has a nameplate capacity of 10 MW with total storage capacity of 20 MWh. The Project is situated next to the Summerview Wind Farm substation on previ¬ously disturbed lands.
The TESLA Megapack batteries provide various operational strategies to support Alberta’s electrical grid. These applications focus on the delivery of sustainable energy, renewable generation smoothing, system voltage and capacity support, as well as grid frequency regulation.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

This project involved the installation of nine TESLA Megapacks to create a 10 MW / 20 MWh Battery Energy Storage System (referred to as “WindCharger”).

Each group of three Megapack units was connected to the grid through one pad mount transformer. The total three pad mount transformers were connected together in daisy chain and then to Summer¬view II 34.5 KV bus. ICONIC’s full project scope included:

  • Construction of road and highway approach
  • Site earthworks and perimeter fencing
  • Foundations
  • Underground collection to the pad mount transformers
  • Underground transmission to the substation
  • Integration into the existing interconnecting substations


This was a successful and high-profile project for ICONIC. It allowed us to demonstrate our core competencies and value as an integrated power and earthworks partner to TransAlta and TESLA. As a result of our collaboration, ICONIC has signed a Master Services Agreement (MSA) to provide maintenance and support across Canada for TESLA.