Riverview Substation POD

Riverview Substation POD


Project Name |  Riverview Substation POD

Owner |

Client’s Name | EPCOR

Location | Edmonton, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | January 2019 to January 2020, completed on-time and on-budget.

Market Sector | Utilities

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

Riverview is a greenfield 240/25kV substation in the City of Edmonton’s Riverview district. ICONIC was the Prime Contractor for substation civil work, and was responsible for substation electrical work including structural, electrical and commissioning.

The project involved a major scope change once construction was underway. When the topsoil was removed, we encountered 1.5 meter of sub soil, which needed to be removed and replaced with engineered fill.

Majority of the scope of this project was completed in the winter months, which posed additional challenges to the earthworks team.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

ICONIC was selected for our ability to provide a turnkey solution for EPCOR. They sought a Prime Contractor who could seamlessly bring together the complex deliverables. Our substation and earthworks teams worked in unison to complete all deliverables in an efficient and highly coordinated manner. ICONIC was also able to self-perform the reclamation and drainage scope of this project.

Earthworks Scope of Work:

  • Setup and maintenance of ESC
  • Soil management
  • Supply and installation of two (2) transformer containment systems
  • Concrete ductlines and control building underground concrete foundation
  • Screw piles, chain link fencing
  • Sewer and water tank supply/installation
  • Supply and installation of geo grid, geo textiles and ground grid
  • Reclamation and drainage work

Electrical Scope of Work:

  • Installation of structural steel supports for 240kV AIS apparatus
  • Lightning masts, 240kV steel gantries, stairs, platforms and handrails
  • Electrical installation of:
    • 240kV dead tank circuit breakers
    • 240kV capacitive voltage transformers
    • Vertical break disconnect switches
    • 240kV surge arrestors and 240kV busbar system
    • Pulling and terminating all high and low voltage cable


ICONIC’s earthworks team was able to draw on our extensive experience building greenfield substations. We have encountered just about every challenge over the years, which allows us to quickly adapt when required. An example of this would be with proper soil management we were able to protect the civil materials from freezing before they were compacted. To ensure maximum efficiency, we utilized GPS equipment while moving soils. By sourcing materials from our long-term suppliers, we were able to pass preferential pricing onto the client as well.

Over the entire year on site, ICONIC had zero safety incidents. This was with as many as 16 crew members working on the project at any given time.