The Path Forward

One of the most effective ways to reduce ones carbon footprint is by electrifying their vehicles.  We have come a long way in the past ten years from the first few passenger electric vehicles (EVs) to today’s wide range of cars and trucks due to battery technology improvements and other enhancements. Even though there are EVs available now (or very soon) to suit most any purpose, still the biggest deterrent to more widespread EV adoption is range anxiety.  Range anxiety is the fear that an EVs battery will run out of power before the destination, or a suitable charging point is reached.  The best way to combat this fear is to provide more charging infrastructure and the transportation world is demanding more of this newly essential service.


Since its beginning, ICONIC has worked with utilities and developers and has become a trusted and relied-upon partner.  Whether it be a turn-key approach to solving your EV charging infrastructure build requirements or individual services, we are here to support you network build.  If your project is a single station public charger or large fleet installation, we have the expertise and experience to guarantee success.


Just as every project is unique, we understand that each customer’s requests are unique as well.  Our first step is to meet with the customer and see how best we can support their project; often that involves coordinating services with other agencies, but we are also well configured to offer complete turn-key services for many projects.  We are positioned to work across a majority of North America and have a team of professionals ready to meet your requirements.  Services ranging from site qualification and feasibility studies to prefabrication and final commissioning are all components that we offer to ensure a successful project.

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