Cedarbrae Cable Replacement


Project Name |  Cedarbrae Cable Replacement

Owner | ENMAX

Client’s Name | ENMAX

Location | Calgary, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | June 15, 2022 - July 22, 2022

Market Sector | Utilities

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

Iconic was requested to excavate a stretch of the existing ENMAX cable/URD trench in the Cedarbrae neighborhood in Calgary. Existing power cables were to be salvaged/abandoned and replaced with new cables in duct and shadow ducts for future use.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)


  • Cut & repair asphalt roads, concrete curbs and sidewalk on road crossings.
  • Overdig/Hydrovac approx. 2,842m and install new ducts along existing URD alignment.
  • Verify structural integrity of existing ducts. Field crew to determine if ducts are to be maintained, abandoned, or salvaged depending on accessibility and/or ease of removal.
  • Install standard bollards & covers.
  • Replace mini box pads.
  • Install new pullboxes.


  • Disconnect load break elbows for old direct buried 8kV #1-1C AL & #1-1C CU cables from existing transformers.
  • Salvage/Abandon direct buried 8kV #1-1C AL & #1-1C CU cables.
  • Install new 8kV #1-1C AL cables in duct.
  • Terminate new #1-1C AL cables complete with new elbows and fault indicators.
  • Replace transformers.


  • Direct Replace existing 40FT, Class 3 pole (STR#3) with a standard 45FT, Class 3 complete with framing.
  • Install new #1-3C AL primary lateral on STR#3. Re-attach existing neutral.


  • Scope was completed without incident, to client specifications.