Since 2008, ICONIC has been constructing the critical infrastructure that connects people to power. We partner with utility companies, independent power producers (IPPs), EPCMs, and General Contractors across traditional and renewable power industries, ensuring safe, predictable, and professional project outcomes. ICONIC provides end-to-end integrated services to support your project: from engineering to earthworks, distribution and electric utility construction. The combination of ICONIC’s size, experience, workforce, and integrated service offering creates unmatched value for our clients.


Be the industry leader in electric utility construction in Western Canada. By adhering to the highest standards of quality and HSSE management, we are ensuring the expert and safe delivery of electricity to millions of households, businesses, and industries. ICONIC is connecting communities, fuelling change, and driving growth as part of building a powerful Western Canada.


Expand our reach to neighbouring provinces and beyond by continuing to lead in the field of electric utility construction. We will enhance our customer service through expanded service offerings, an ongoing commitment to hiring the most qualified technicians, and continual investment in innovation and technology.


Every project we undertake is built on a solid foundation of professional integrity. ICONIC will never compromise our core values for profit. Safety, integrity, quality, accountability, and teamwork allow us to deliver truly lasting value to each client’s project outcomes.

ICONIC by the numbers



Clients don’t choose ICONIC because we have the lowest price. They are attracted by our ability to safely bring greater value, peace of mind, and proactive problem solving to their projects.


Do it right the first time

By avoiding errors and oversights, ICONIC saves clients the time, money, and inconvenience of change orders.

Superior coordination and collaboration

Our meticulous approach to project management and procurement is a big reason why ICONIC is known for reliability.

Plan smart – stay nimble

ICONIC prides itself on our planning abilities, which allow us to accurately scope a project and limit standby time. It also prepares us for the unexpected. Whether it’s quickly procuring specialized equipment or upsizing a crane to account for a reduced load capacity in cold weather – we come prepared.

Exacting project execution

ICONIC’s experience and foresight in site planning allow us to maximize efficiency for a safer, more productive working environment. By ensuring clean, organized, well-managed sites, we are able to execute construction in a safe and controlled manner.