Iconic Power Systems is now providing in-house Distribution Engineering as part of our integrated electrical distribution service. This gives us the capability to perform end-to-end construction design for overhead and underground service – spanning commercial, residential, and industrial development.

ICONIC’s team consists of multi-disciplinary design project managers, engineers, and engineering technicians. They bring extensive experience to ICONIC, having worked on high-profile projects for Western Canada’s largest utilities, and are familiar with the design requirements and detailed processes utilities demand. Their experience, knowledge, and ability to ask the right questions will streamline the design phase by avoiding common oversights.

Planning & Design

At ICONIC, we strive to provide developers with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for delivering power from the utility source to the meter. You can be assured that all engineering design work complies with all codes and standards, to ensure safe and reliable operation – for both utility workers and the general public.

Our planning and design services include quotation, planning, detail engineering design, and drafting of proposed developments and redevelopments. We also manage the coordination of shallow utility installation with joint-use stakeholders.

ICONIC handles every aspect of the Permitting and Design Submission to applicable utilities and municipal authorities. Our experience and attention to detail allows us to avoid errors and omissions that can needlessly set a project back.

Turn-Key Design / Build

By contracting ICONIC to supply all design, engineering, and civil construction work, your project will benefit from greater coordination, communication, and efficiency. Not to mention, one invoice.

Our project managers can facilitate quotations through detailed engineering to energization of all aspects of the applicable power delivery model. This provides developers and consultants with a timely and stress-free experience. ICONIC’s deliverables include:

  • Specification and procurement of all civil and electrical utility equipment as per Canadian Electrical Code and Design Guidelines
  • Commissioning and testing of all transformers and cabling in coordination with safety codes officers and electrical Inspectors

Once design work is approved, ICONIC’s highly experienced Civil Earthworks & Construction team can execute all aspects of the project. This includes, but is not limited to, overhead, underground installations, excavations, ducts/duct-banks, cable pulling, concrete pad-mounts, transformers, pull-boxes and manholes along with all cable terminations.