Additionally, ICONIC has longstanding relationships with many tier 1 engineering firms. We also have a strong partnership with MASKWA engineering, which provides high voltage and distribution engineering services to support ICONIC during peak design periods.

We pride ourselves on carefully reviewing our customer requirements and selecting the right resources to execute the work. Our project management team is well versed in managing engineering subcontractors to optimize design, execution, and quality. ICONIC’s value engineering services promote the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives without sacrificing functionality.

ICONIC’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) process ensures consistent planning, execution, and tracking of projects from initiation to closure. At the initiation of a project, a Project Execution Plan (PEP) is created, which details all the required activities to complete the project. This forms the basis for all the detailed resource and scheduling plans used throughout the project’s life and will be the baseline against which actual progress is measured. This PEP will consist of an Engineering Execution Plan, a Procurement Plan, and a Construction Execution Plan.

ICONIC also performs a constructability review before a package’s issue for construction. This is usually conducted to address specific constructability concerns, for example, when parts of the substation must be constructed below energized buses for handling power transformers in compact substations.