Renewable Energy

We recognize renewable energy as a growth area for our company and industry here in Western Canada. Having completed wind, solar and battery energy storage projects for: Algonquin Power (Borea) ENEL Green Power, Montana First Nation, BluEarth, Trans Alta, Enfinite and Wellhead (ENMAX), we are leading the market in green energy interconnection solutions.


Interconnection of Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Connecting renewable energy production to the grid requires a partner with an intimate understanding of the needs of the green energy provider and the utility. ICONIC leverages our extensive utility experience to help developers understand all requirements and constraints related to the inter-connections agreement. As a full-service provider of high voltage and earthworks solutions, we can support the project from construction to maintenance to commissioning and reclamation.

By engaging ICONIC early in the process, we can make engineering and design suggestions that will improve efficiencies and optimize budgets. We refer to these as constructability reviews.