At ICONIC, there is no compromise when it comes to safety. This is not only a collective commitment but a personal one made by every member of our team. Our policies, procedures, and best practices give staff the power to carry out this commitment with confidence. Our comprehensive Safety and Loss Prevention Program strives for zero incidents and injuries to help ensure our office staff, field workers, and subcontractor partners staff go home safe every day. It is a process of continuous improvement that involves ongoing education, training and mentorship.


The ICONIC Incident Management System

ICONIC has developed a comprehensive Incident Management Systems to define, document and deliver on incident prevention. This applies whether we are the prime contractor or subcontractor on a project. No matter how big or small or seemingly inconsequential, ALL incidents – including near misses – must be immediately reported to a direct supervisor. That is our policy.

Hazard assessment and reporting is required at all project phases, beginning with a Pre-Job Hazard Assessment (PHA) document. The PHA identifies potential hazards and recommends mitigation and control measures. Hazards documented at any phase are captured in our inspection documentation and Job Safety Analyses (JSAs).

We have also implemented a Behaviour-Based Safety Observation program, designed to address any observed behaviour that runs contrary to best safety practices – and provide constructive feedback or disciplinary action.

In the event of a safety violation, ICONIC’s first priority is to contain the situation and take immediate steps to prevent further harm or damage and to understand what went wrong. We have a detailed policy guiding incident follow-up and education, as well as protocols around disciplinary measures.

As the Prime Contractor, we are accountable for ensuring that all employees and subcontractors exceed regulatory requirements and follow industry best practices. We require all contractors to submit Project/Task Specific Safety Plans, which must be approved before work can begin.

Physical & Cyber Security

In today’s world, stringent physical and cyber security systems are required to protect customer and supplier assets and critical infrastructure from attacks and espionage. ICONIC has aligned our information security program to meet the ISO/IEC 27001 Framework for Information Technology. We work in close collaboration with our clients to meet their specific contract requirements. ICONIC has also engaged with MNP LLP and Jopomo Management Consulting Ltd to provide continued advisory services and external support for our Physical and Cyber Security Program enhancement journey from NIST 7621R1 to NIST800-53R4.

All employees and contractors receive a criminal background check and identity verification through a third-party provider. In the event of a breach, we have established a detailed process outlining notification, investigation, and reporting. We are regularly reviewing and improving our Physical and Cyber Security Road Map to keep pace with the changing nature of risk.

Industry Affiliations

As our industry evolves, our team keeps up-to-date on changing high voltage, distribution, and renewable power guidelines, controls, and codes to ensure all standards are being properly implemented on all job sites, at all times.




ICONIC strives to maintain the highest environmental standards in everything we do. Our reclamation, land preservation, restoration services, soil erosion and water runoff expertise are second-to-none. ICONIC follows best practices in wildlife and biological protection, taking care to limit noise and dust around our sites. As part of our procurement strategy, we work hard to source sustainable materials that minimize our environmental impact.