ICONIC offers our clients a true one-stop solution spanning all aspects of overhead distribution line construction. Our crew adhere to strict step-by-step practices and procedures to ensure the highest degree of site safety, and optimum quality control.


Pole Installation

ICONIC provides full-service installation and framing of wood, laminate or steel poles for distribution, transmission, and URD construction. Our conductor installation service includes laterals, and live-line work. We are also able to handle the installation and wiring of streetlights.


Transformer Installation (Pole Mounted)

Our crews can expertly install single-phase and three-phase overhead transformers as well as transformer banks. We employ the most rigorous safety standard to ensure the safety of people and infrastructure.


Disconnect Installation

If a line needs to be moved or decommissioned, ICONIC handles de-energization and salvage or relocation of existing overhead services. We will manage all aspects of the job on your behalf.


Overhead Line Tensioning & Testing

ICONIC is extremely meticulous when it comes to the installation of line conductors. We take great care to meet specified sag and line tensions and perform cable testing to make sure we get it right.



Due to our extensive experience in both high voltage and distribution, we understand the processes, procedures, and precautions necessary to safely connect your infrastructure to utility infrastructure. ICONIC will manage the complete coordination of energization with the utility.


High Voltage Power Cable Terminations & Splices

3MTM up to 69kV
ICONIC is certified in 3M cold shrink installation and is capable of completing all types of cable terminations and splices. Proper installation the first time will prevent the need for return site visits.

Pfisterer CONNEX Cable Connector Trained
While Pfisterer’s CONNEX system is designed to simplify the ease of power transformer and GIS installation and replacement, it is important to hire a qualified crew to perform all cable termination work. ICONIC crews have the necessary training and qualifications to do the job to the highest professional standards.