Reclamation Services & Vegetation Control

ICONIC has earned a reputation for our expertise in reclamation work, setting us apart from most general contracting firms. We have a dedicated Vegetation Control team in place to ensure healthy germination of all seeded landscaping. ICONIC works closely with professional agrologist to ensure we’re hitting target timelines and have a zero-tolerance approach to avoiding contamination of species and noxious weeds.


Storm Ponds & Stormwater Management

Managing the flow and containment of water requires precision in the planning and execution stages of construction. Our Earthworks team has installed numerous storm ponds for major substation projects across Western Canada. We understand how water behaves and know how to mitigate against the release of untreated water into natural water bodies through proper installation and risk management measures.



ICONIC’s hydroseeding service provides a more efficient alternative to sod – particularly on slopes. We apply a slurry solution containing seed, mulch, healthy soil amendment, fertilizers, and water to promote healthy, uniform plant growth. ICONIC can typically cover 10 acres (4 hectares) of ground per day. Our hydroseed retains up to 10 times its weight in moisture, limiting the need for watering. The formula can be customized to include Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECPs), tackifiers and dust control additives, high-performance flexible growth medium, engineered soil medium, soil amendments, and soil stabilizers.



On reclamation sites prone to soil erosion and drought conditions, ICONIC can apply a proven soil tackifier to prevent topsoil loss. This will bind individual soil particles to hold the soil firmly in place while permitting germination and seed growth. Applying a tackifier and wood fiber mulch following topsoil removal is more cost-effective than repeated watering of topsoil windrows and piles and can provide initial stabilization. Additionally, hydraulic erosion control products (HECPs) may be applied to steep slopes or other areas prone to wind or water erosion.