Access Road & Pad Construction

ICONIC’s in-house Earthworks teams can construct roads and pads for both greenfield and brownfield substation applications. Services include, but are not limited to topsoil stripping, scarifying and compact subgrade, aggregates supply and install, conduit and ground grid excavation, ditching, culverts, and supply and install of insulating gravel.

Erosion & Sediment Control

ICONIC provides procurement and expert installation of all available erosion and sediment control solutions. We have extensive experience working with silt fencing, straw wattles, energy dissipaters, straw or coco matting, check dams, turbidity curtains, hydro-mulch, riprap, spring berms, and more.

Right of Way (ROW) Access

ICONIC crews have the training, expertise, and experience required to work within the ROW corridor. We know the limits of approach and always provide qualified utility workers as a precaution when working in dangerous environments. Whether you need a temporary or permanent access road, or a rig mat road, ICONIC has you covered.

Clearing & Brushing

ICONIC can perform any clearing and grubbing activities the project requires: from rough cut mowing to full timber mulching and salvage. Our experienced crews have three sizes of mulchers at their disposal.