Brownfield Substation Construction

Retrofits & Additions

When it comes to brownfield substation construction, our team has it covered. With innovative approaches to maintain operational effectiveness, ICONIC efficiently upgrades mature stations while minimizing disruption to existing services and clients. We will ensure all upgrades allow your system to keep up with increasing and ever-changing demands on existing infrastructure.

In addition to new substation construction, ICONIC is well-versed in the necessary upgrades, new code compliance repairs, and extensions of existing substations, or brownfield construction. Not only do we offer innovative ways to upgrade operational capacities, but we also focus on the most efficient ways to upgrade mature stations, keeping with ever-changing demands on existing infrastructure. Our earthworks and stations team can work together to expand facilities and substations by adding breaker and transformer capacity.

In all cases, clients appreciate our ability to safely retrofit equipment and facilities with minimal disruption to existing services and operations.

ICONIC also offers the full array of civil and high voltage services available listed under greenfield substation services.