Developer's Choice Project


Project Name |  Developer's Choice Project

Owner | Children's Cottage Society

Client’s Name | Children's Cottage Society

Location | Calgary, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | April 3, 2023 - April 12, 2023

Market Sector | Utilities

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

Iconic Power Systems Inc. (IPS) completed a Developer’s Choice project for the Children’s Cottage Society.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

IPS’s Scope of Work included:

  • Installation of a lateral on a new power pole
  • Extend 3ph overhead conductor to new power pole
  • Supply and install 300kVA 13.2kV-120/208V transformer with large concrete boxpad, terminations and testing.
  • Supply and install approximately 40m of #1AL-3C-13.2kV primary cable with terminations and testing.
  • Supply and install approximately 60m of 100mm DB2 ducts complete with bends and elbows.
  • Saw cut and excavate approximately 40m of standard 1.3m x 0.6m trench along the existing pole line in the back lane.
  • Stub-out and cap 8-100mm ducts 2m from proposed box-pad location for developer tie-in (connection and secondary conductors by developer)


  • Scope was completed on time to client specifications.