LRT Expansion W7B Duct Bank


Project Name |  LRT Expansion W7B Duct Bank

Owner | EPCOR

Client’s Name | EPCOR

Location | Edmonton, AB

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | Commenced in 2020 and was completed January 2021, on-time and on-budget

Market Sector | Utilities, LRT Expansion

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

As a part of the construction and expansions of Edmonton’s West LRT, EPCOR needed to update the aging utility infrastructure beneath 87th Avenue (between 156 Street and 170 Street). The duct bank replaced an existing alignment, which conflicted with the proposed LRT route. This utility relocation project involved several challenges:

  • Managing Covid-19 protocols on-site
  • An assertive project schedule – the utility relocation was a critical path item on the LRT extension schedule
  • Construction in a high-traffic, public environment that required a safe, secured worksite
  • Difficult ground conditions and tight workspaces required confined space entry, and precision earthworks to expose aging water infrastructure
  • Controlling traffic to allow road and business access
  • Coordination with multiple utilities, residents, and business owners

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

ICONIC was responsible for constructing a new 15-way concrete-encased duct bank. The project required multiple ICONIC crews working concurrently to provide approximately 2.5 km of excavation and construction. There were multiple utilities in unexpected locations, deep tie-in points, and some utility holes needed to be relocated due to poor ground conditions. This resulted in several alignment changes, revised engineering drawings, extensive hydrovacing and a need to work at increased depths.

ICONIC’s Earthworks team repaired sidewalks and roadways, as well as rebuilding and upgrading the excavated alleyways.


The complexities of this project required ICONIC’s construction crews to work very closely with EPCOR’s Inspectors and Projects Managers. We employed best practice Project Management methodologies and processes to communicate and conduct the proper project change control, including COVID-19 Pandemic accommodations.

EPCOR’s utilities were safely relocated, and the lines were successfully energized. ICONIC met the project schedule and City of Edmonton’s LRT expansion requirements. Due to the complexities of this project, including extremely deep shoring, fall protection, and other unique safety requirements, ICONIC had a dedicated safety supervisor present on-site at all-times to ensure the project’s safe and successful execution.