WCSB - eReserve 2


Project Name |  WCSB - eReserve 2

Owner | WCSB

Client’s Name | Teric Power (designed/managed on behalf of WCSB)

Location | Alberta, Canada

Date / Project Timeline / Delivery | May 2021 to October 2021 - ICONIC successfully met the October, 2021 COD target date.

Market Sector | Battery Energy Storage

BACKGROUND (Pre-Project Commencement)

Iconic Power Systems Inc. (ICONIC) was the Prime Contractor for WCSB Power to construct their second large-scale battery storage project, located in Alberta, Canada.  The project consists of a 20 MW BESS utilizing Tesla Megapack batteries, providing energy balancing and grid frequency regulation services that support Alberta’s ongoing growth toward sustainable energy.  eReserve 2 became commercially operational as of October 2021.  As of February 2022, ICONIC has been engaged for the construction planning and execution an additional 140MW capacity spread between several new BESS facilities.

The Tesla Megapack batteries will provide various operational strategies to support Alberta’s electrical grid. These applications will focus on the delivery of sustainable energy, renewable generation smoothing, system voltage and capacity support, as well as grid frequency regulation.

ACTION (ICONIC’s Scope & Delivery)

  • Site surveying and preparation;
  • Access road and highway approach construction;
  • Site earthworks and perimeter fencing;
  • Clearing of temporary laydown areas including vehicle turn arounds and parking areas;
  • Aggregate supply and hauling (site and access roads);
  • Fabrication of the Megapack skids and auxiliary switching skid
  • Foundation piling and Megapack skid installation;
  • Trenching and cable laying (including ground grids);
  • Ground preparation, setting, and installing of pre-cast transformer vaults;
  • Shipment of equipment
  • Placement and installation of an e-house / control building;
  • Installation of 25 kV switchgear into an e-house / control building;
  • Placement of all 25 kV and auxiliary transformer units;
  • Placement and installation of 14 BESS units;
  • Placement and installation of an auxiliary switching skid and cabinet
  • Placement and installation of any site lighting and surveillance cameras (including standards or supports);
  • Electrical and communication cable terminations for installed equipment (including the connection to the utility distribution feeder)
  • Equipment testing;
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning support; and,
  • Site clean-up and reclamation;
  • Provision of materials.

As ICONIC successfully executed the eReserve 1 project in 2020, the planning and execution of eReserve 2 was further improved and streamlined.

ICONIC had to return to site to complete emergency repairs on the grounding transformer as well as cable replacement.  This project was also built in central Alberta in winter conditions so ICONIC worked closely with the owner and the landowner to overcome the short construction window and challenging site conditions.


Despite a few challenges, ICONIC successfully met the October 2021 COD target date.